House Rules

We remain very concerned about the safety, wellbeing and leisure of our guests and wish for them to have a wonderful time with us and carry back memories to cherish and return again to create more of them.

Your comfort and happiness, during your visit and stay with us, remains of paramount importance to us, as such we do expect adherence to some rules, which we remain very particular about.

  • RJL is a Family destination and as such we expect our guests to behave in a dignified manner, not infringing on others sentiments or comforts. We believe in responsible tourism and expect that our advice as to the safety and wellbeing of person and property should be respected and adhered to.
  • RJL remains a no smoking zone and we have designated areas where those who smoke can have privacy while others are not subjected to passive smoking. Lights and cigarettes have to be disposed in a manner which causes no fire hazard.
  • We have done our best to ensure that our guests have access to the best furniture, which not only blends with the ambience but also provides relaxing comforts and therefore as such expect our guests NOT to move the furniture about. Any damage to furniture or accessories would be chargeable. But more that that, it is distressing, discomforting and inconvenient for other guests.
  • We expect out guests to remain sensitive and attentive towards the safety of their dependents / children. Their safety remains the sole responsibility of the accompanying guests / parents / guardians.
  • We are a Jungle Lodge and as such we expect our guests to not play Loud Music. We have our arrangements for Music inside the Club Lounge, which remains the only place where "playing" music is permitted. We don't permit Dhools / Drums or other similar instruments etc. Playing of Guitar/flute etc, privately (GENTLY) is permitted anywhere on the property.
  • If you are wet, we cannot permit you in the Club Lounge, so do please carry a change. Similarly, in case of being wet, while you wish to enjoy our GolGhar, do please ask the staff to remove the Cushions and thereafter enjoy without hesitation.
  • We don't permit the consumption of Tobacco/Paan etc on the premise.
    Furthermore, if you do wish to enjoy your own beverages (privately), do please ensure that you don't walk about the premises with your beverages as it may be disturbing/distressing for others.
    Your privacy and sentiments are as valuable to us, as of other guests.
  • We do not permit any outside food, unless there be a medical / health reason or if it is for Children (permitted).
  • Please do help us keep the property clean for you to enjoy and as such we would request you not to litter or leave plastic bottles or Polly-bags about, in the premises.
  • Playing football / Cricket etc, within to premise is "Strictly Prohibited". Games which do not cause damage to property and/or are not disturbing for other guests are welcome. Do cooperate with us to maintain the ambience of a Jungle Lodge.
  • Do please avoid walking on "Wet" Grass & Lawns, for your own safety.
  • While using the Stairs to descend to the Lower Decks, please be extremely cautious as the gradient and height of the stairs are uneven, as they follow the gradient of the hillock and cannot be expected to be even. Please ensure the safety of the elderly and Children, accompanying you, while you use the stairs.
  • Please avoid getting too close to the water and ensure that your dependents also maintain a safe distance from water. Keeping a safe distance from water is mandated.
  • Similarly, while taking a walk outside the premises, please do ensure that wildlife is not disturbed and avoid animal interaction / conflicts. Please remain aware of the fact that you are in the Forest / wilderness and due & diligent precautions are warranted.