Safe & Secure


As a measure of abundant caution, we have taken great care to install the state of the art, night vision cameras, with the most advance DVR recording devises, to ensure guest safety, both of person and of property. Two DVR's, Dahua and CP Plus of 16 and 4 Channels respectively are constantly recording every movement in the areas of public / guest domain (common areas), on a real time basis. This ensures that any or all suspicious or unethical or potentially threatening movements, can be tracked, stopped and even prevented on account of the deterrence value, to ensure which we have deliberately installed monitors at the reception area, so that the guests, at the very onset itself, can see that due observation of all common areas are constantly maintained.

Communication (Internal & External)

Ratapani Jungle Lodge is situated in a jungle area, which is where the jungle lodges are required to be positioned. This, although a boon for the nature lovers and the guests, poses peculiar problems for the management. Due to the lack of forest clearances and also perhaps and more so, on account of a lack of revenue base, the Cellular Companies have neither setup and established their network towers, nor do they operate the peripheral village towers, in the absence of good voltage. This has resulted in a situation wherein most of the adjoining villages of RJL have virtually no cellular coverage.

However, in order to ensure that our guests don't feel this pinch, as this no more remains a luxury and is virtually en essential requirement in todays world, we have therefore setup and established our own network systems and repeater systems, with a series of high powered repeaters, across the property, to ensure that the property remains in network coverage, in most of the common areas and in the rooms (all networks except Airtel) and that the guests never lose cellular coverage (to some extent).

Additionally, we have sought and obtained a UHF License from the Ministry of Communications, Government of India, for setting up a wireless network, in order to ensure that the Staff and the Lodge remains in communication, for their internal and external (5 KM radial Distance Permitted, covering all our essential requirements).

Additionally, we have sought a VHF License from the Ministry of Communications, Government of India, for the setting up of two base stations, one at the Lodge and the other at the Bhopal, Town Office, so that in the event of a complete absence of communication, this mode would be able to support our functioning and communications.

Sourcing of Materials & Ingredients

At RJL we remain very conscious of the quality of ingredients and also the materials which are sourced for all or any preparations.

All the kitchen ingredients and the housekeeping materials are duly and only sourced from vendors like Walmart Best Price, Reliance Fresh and Ondoor. All the invoice and bills for the procurements are duly maintaind (save and except some) which can be duly verified. We are very conscious of the quality we deliver and are well aware of the fact that it is after all that aspect alone which determines the guest satisfaction. Towards this end, we have ensured that we keep the procurement from the open market, to the least bit possible and that to only in the event of that particular material not being available anywhere else. Vendor reliability remains of paramount importance for us and not the cost.

Fire Safety

We remain very conscious as regards the safety of our guests. As such we not only have Fire Extinguishers placed before each & every accommodation but also have a system of water dispensation close to every part of the property. Our Kitchen, Tandoor and the Electrical Shed, all have Fire Extinguishers placed close at hand for any eventuality.


For a Jungle Lodge, RJL is amply staffed, employing a mix of urban experience with the Local Zeal & Vigour. Our Lodge Manager, an MBA (HR) hails from a place called Ashta, in Sehore District, however did most of his higher education in Bhopal. Similarly our Chef hails from Bhopal and has had numerous stints at various hotels at Bhopal. We have ensured that also take care of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and offer adequate opportunity to the Local Youth of the area, of both gender and as such, have trained and employed the local youth of the adjoining villages and have staffed them at the Lodge. The entire Service and Lodge Support Staff and the Kitchen & Tandoor Assistance, has been selected, recruited, trained and groomed from amongst the local youth of the area. Also, additionally, we are working closely with the MP Ecotourism Board, to train the local youth of the area and deploy them at the various locations of tourist importance, which we have detailed above.


At RJL the housekeeping is a daily mandatory activity, unless the guest requests that they don't wish to be disturbed. At the time of the checkout itself, the entire room and the washroom is thoroughly checked at first, in case the guest has left something behind accidentally, in which case the item so recovered is immediately delivered and deposited at the reception in the custody of the Lodge Manager, whereafter the guest is contacted. If the guest so desires the same can be thereafter couriered to the designated address or be delivered to the local address or a person or a custodian as may be designated by the guest.

Once the room has been checked for losses, from both sides, the entire used Lenin is immediately removed.

The toiletries from the bathroom, which have been opened / used by the guests are also immediately removed and placed in the garbage collection.

The used Lenin is immediately removed and collected to be sent to Bhopal, for the Laundry and ironing.

All the Polly-bag covers in the wastepaper baskets in the rooms are removed and placed in the garbage collection.

Immediately, fresh Lenin on the Beds, Fresh Toiletries and Polly-bags for the dustbins are placed. Mopping, with water sanitizer in safe but sufficient quantity is done thoroughly, from wall to wall. All the rugs are brushed. The entire furniture is dusted and cleaned with sanitized water (Collin Liquid / Dettol Water).

Waste and Garbage Management

At RJL we remain very sensitive towards the cleanliness and Hygiene as also our waste management. We have ensured that sufficient numbers of dustbins are strategically placed within the common areas in the premises as well as in the rooms, restrooms, bathrooms, restaurant, kitchen etc.

Every evening, after the guests have retired to their rooms, late into the night the collected garbage is taken to a incineration pit and with the help of Kerosene, it is completely incinerated and destroyed, with no traces. As we are in a Jungle Area, there remains no civic body anywhere close in the vicinity, which can take care of the garbage disposal and any leftovers would attract animals, therefore the entire residue and garbage has to be completely destroyed, safely, for which a deep incineration pit remains the most efficacious and practical solution.